Velité Exclusive Series

For over 30 years, the Awenta Company  has enjoyed the trust of customers in Poland and Europe. We listen carefully to customer’s expectations in developing and improving  our products. The VELITÉ brand is a new standard in the field of masking ventilation and sanitary openings, and making come true our core values - customer satisfaction and professionalism. The VELITÉ brand was created for the most-demanding users.

The VELITÉ brand is the result of the long-term work of qualified engineers and designers, based on many years of experience in creating and improving the marketed products. We meet the requirements of the most-demanding customers by offering top-quality products.

VELITÉ is a range of exclusive, premium-class products made with high-quality materials and using cutting-edge production technology. In the production process we use only the best quality raw materials from reliable suppliers. Each product is subject to strict quality control to ensure reliability and maximum satisfaction in use.