About company

Our company was established in 1989 as a family business. Today, four generations later, Awenta continues to operate under our flag as an independent Polish company. Reasonable, sustainable and long-term policy  together with visionary management, allows us to develop sales markets both in Poland and abroad. We are present in DIY chains across international markets.
The Awenta brand is perceived by our customers as high quality products, competitive prices and certified reliability. Our products are available in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Most often they are produced under the Awenta brand, but can also be found in DIY chains and authorized distributors under private labels.

We manufacture and offer the ventilation system elements made of high quality virgin plastics and metals:
• fans,
• grilles, Pozycja po lewo po prawo Rok Treść Zdjęcie Drop your files here or click in this area  
• ducts and fittings.
The product range is completed with access goods:
• doors,
• access panels
• hatches.

All the below products are made of high-quality raw materials and components provided by well-known and highly respected long term suppliers. The Awenta company is directly involved in all stages of the creation and  market presence of the products presented in this catalog: design taking into account the current needs and demands of the customers, users, specialized research in our own in-house modern laboratory, production processes as well as market launch and after-sales service. Management and experienced staff watch over everything. Thanks to our qualified staff at all levels, as well as our network of international distributors we can professionally reach the customer, the Awenta products have gained the highest trust and are present in millions of homes and apartments around the world.

I invite you to cooperation

Waldemar Chomka

The Awenta Company Owner and President


AWENTA at ISH Fair in Frankfurt.

March 13th-17th.


Commissioning of a paint shop in a newly built building.


Introduction of the Awenta PRO brand under which the air handling units with heat recovery are offered. Other than these the products necessary for the installation of recuperation systems are produced.


Launching the new brand called Velité.

Its offer includes the premium class products: ventilation grilles and access doors.

2017 - 2018

Building the a new warehouse complex with reconstruction of the fan production hall.


Inception of a Research and Development Center at the plant.


Building the new Injection Hall.


Participation in the very fi rst foreign trade fair.


Building and commissioning of a new administrative and commercial office.


Obtaining the „Solid Company” certifi cate.


Beginning the production of wall exhaust fans.


Introduction the systems of plastic ducts and connectors. Today, we can already boast of seven such systems.


Introduction of the ISO Quality Management System.


First participation in the national trade fairs.


Beginning production of inspection doors made of ABS plastic. It was a hit! And still it is.


Launching the production of metal grilles, fi nishing battens and window frames for interior doors.


Starting the production of the grilles for the interior door - T15 Series. The product is still popular among our customers after all these years.


Beginning of production of ventilation elements made of plastics and metals. The fi rst ever series of products was the TM ventilation grille.