About company

AWENTA is a Polish family company operating since 1989. The beginning of the company’s activity goes back to the years of great socio-economic changes taking place in Poland. The Nineties were a time when the hopes of free market economy met with the hard laws of capitalism. Then, there was a dynamic development of trade in Poland. AWENTA successfully used this time to begin the production of ventilation systems, inspection doors and then the production of fans. From the very beginning of the company’s establishment to this day, AWENTA constantly invests in machinery and human capital, thanks to which, the company is today a leading manufacturer of ventilation elements on the domestic and European markets.

For three decades, AWENTA has gained customers’ recognition, which is proof of the presence of the company’s products in more than forty countries, on three continents. Moreover, large distribution chains have recognized the potential and constant involvement of the company in improving the quality of the products off ered. This translated into many years of cooperation with the largest DIY chains in Europe.

The quality of our products has been confi rmed by numerous certifi cates and honored many times. Constant concern to maintain the quality of manufactured products and impeccable delivery service are our priorities in our daily work. 


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Waldemar Chomka


2017 - 2018

Building the a new warehouse complex with reconstruction of the fan production hall.


Inception of a Research and Development Center at the plant.


Building the new Injection Hall.


Participation in the very fi rst foreign trade fair.


Building and commissioning of a new administrative and commercial office.


Obtaining the „Solid Company” certifi cate.


Beginning the production of wall exhaust fans.


Introduction the systems of plastic ducts and connectors. Today, we can already boast of seven such systems.


Introduction of the ISO Quality Management System.


First participation in the national trade fairs.


Beginning production of inspection doors made of ABS plastic. It was a hit! And still it is.


Launching the production of metal grilles, fi nishing battens and window frames for interior doors.


Starting the production of the grilles for the interior door - T15 Series. The product is still popular among our customers after all these years.


Beginning of production of ventilation elements made of plastics and metals. The fi rst ever series of products was the TM ventilation grille.