Panel wall fans

Loop panel fan

Main features:

  • silent operation
  • 2-speed
  • continuous operation
  • ABS plastic
  • ball bearings
  • IPX4
  • maximum operating temperature 40°C
  • ceiling installation allowed
  • 5 years warranty



In the basic version (equipped only with a terminal block), if the fan is connected in continuous-operation mode, switching on the second gear and its reduction is made by means of a separate switch installed into the power-supply line of the building. If the fan is connected so that it can be switched off completely, the double switch where each key controls switching on and off the particular gear must be used. In both circumstances, the switches are not included to the product.

The fans equipped with a timer (T – time delay) have the possibility of manual shift. Shift the gear up can be done by means of a switch being an element of the building’s electrical installation. The fan may be connected like the basic version (with terminal block) according to two – above mentioned – connection methods. The fan automatically switches to a lower gear 30 minutes after restoring the switch to its original position.

In fans with a humidity sensor (H), the speed is regulated by the controller (regardless of how the unit is connected).
- The fan automatically switches to the second gear if the humidity level exceeds 70%
- The fan automatically switches to the first gear after 15 minutes when the humidity level drops below 70%
- If the humidity level does not exceed 70%, the speed can be increased after turning on a separate switch or the second key on of the double switch (depending on the connection option). The fan will automatically shift to a lower gear 15 minutes after restoring the switch or the second switch to its original position.

Thanks to the motion sensor (R), the fan will automatically switch to the second gear when it detects a presence in the room for more than 60 seconds. The fan speed will be reduced to the first gear if the fan does not detect movement in the room for 15 minutes.

LOOP-series fans are equipped with double-speed motors for continuous operation. Depending on the customer’s needs, the fan can be connected in two ways. The first option gives the possibility of continuous operation – a product operates using the first gear, and the second gear is additionally activated. The second possible connection option gives the user full control over the device – from switching on and shifting gears to switching off. In such a configuration it is recommended to use a double switch.