Ventilation devices

Cosy hybrid device

COSY CM100 device is intended for the warm air distribution from a room in which there is a source of heat (such as a closed fireplace or wood stove) to an adjacent room, such as a living room, dining room, bedroom, office or corridor.

The CM100 set includes:

  • exhaust fan (WAB100 WABIS Series)
  • thermostat
  • section of the ventilation duct (Ø100 mm, length 300 mm)
  • ventilation grille

In order for the device to operate properly and as it was intended, the exhaust fan and thermostat must be installed in the room in which the heat source is located. The temperature at which the fan will start automatically is to be adjusted by means of a potentiometer on the thermostat. After the fan starts, a warm air is exhausted and transferred to the adjacent room. The fan will turn off after the temperature in the room with a heat source is decreased. The ventilation duct must be located inside the wall separating both rooms (the length of the duct is optimal for a wall thickness of 300 mm), while the ventilation grille is the end of the duct on the side opposite to the fan.


The fan is switched on and off by means of a switch (not included in the device) being a part of the building’s electrical system.