Ventilation devices

CVU central fan

The CVU400 central fan is designed for the continuous and quiet ventilation of many rooms at the same time. It can be used in single-family houses and flats in multi-family buildings, as well as in conference rooms, offices and public buildings. The unit is equipped with an energy-saving motor, which enables operation at three performance levels. Its construction allows the connecting of up to seven inlet ducts with a diameter of Ø75 mm, and one Ø125 mm duct intended for connecting a extractor hood. The CVU400 is also available with a hygrostat, which automatically adjusts the efficiency of the fan to the prevailing humidity. The simple device design allows for its quick installation and maintenance (cleaning) without using complicated tools.

The central fan is an innovative element because of its universal adjustment of the connection direction of the ventilation ducts. Such a solution allows any configuration of connection directions at the assembly stage, adapted to the individual needs of the user. The design of the CVU central fan allows it to be mounted on the wall or ceiling in both horizontal and vertical positions.


The fan is switched on and off by means of a switch (not included in the device) being a part of the building’s electrical system.

The air humidity sensor operating range is 0% to 100% of relative humidity. The humidity level should be adjusted by means of a knob located on the front part of the fan casing. The fan start will work in the 1st gear. When the humidity rises above the value set by the knob, the fan will automatically increase the speed to 2nd gear. After the humidity drops below the set value, the fan will return to operation in 1st gear.